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How Video Can Enhance Any Event
If you are unsure whether to record your next event with a videographer, consider this undeniable fact: video captures attention.

YouTube remains one of the fastest-growing and most-durable social media channels because all generations love videos. Photography and the right mix of words to capture an idea or emotion are also important, but if you want people to not only remember your event, but also revisit it, video is a must-have.

It works for both intimate personal celebrations and huge corporate happenings. At your wedding, birthday or bar mitzvah, for example, a videographer will record the memorable moments and also put you at the scene of the moments you didn’t know were happening.

While still photography is indispensable to capture an event, video adds another layer – of sound, music and action. For your personal celebration, it will help to bring you back to the moment, even years later. For a corporate meeting, video not only provides a historical record, it can also punch up your marketing for next year’s event and for related products and services.

Focus on Whats Important 
Every event has a star. It may be the birthday girl, the newlywed couple, or a keynote speaker. A strong video will feature all the important activities of the most important people that day.

It will also show the smaller moments and remind you and your viewers about the importance of the supporting cast.

At a wedding, every word of the toasts can be recorded for posterity, as well as the reactions of the mother of the bride, the flower girl and the siblings of the happy couple.

At the annual meeting, remarks by the CEO and president as well as the inspirational speakers will be recorded, but the enthusiastic reaction of employees, vendors and customers might be just as important.

How You Will Use It
With today’s technology advances, you will be able to view your video years from now without having to convert a tape to a disk or a disk to the cloud. The haircuts might look old-fashioned and the songs will sound dated, but the heirloom video will be as easy to access as the photo scrapbook you pull from the corner of a closet.

You will be happy to watch the big celebration every year or so. When you have kids and grandchildren, you will watch it even more often – maybe with a tear in your eye.

For corporate marketers, the event video is a gold mine. They can post messaging on the company website, of course, and also plan for next year’s event. The electronic save-the-date and invitation can feature not just photos of the previous meeting but also a short video of the excitement and results.

And, for both personal and business events, you can send a short video thank you to all attendees.

When your event is being recorded, focus on the event, not the camera. This is true when working with both a still photographer and a videographer. Except for the staged moments – the wedding party in a line facing the camera, or the handing off of an award at the business conference – go about your business, engaging those around you. Use your normal voice, talk with your hands if that is what you do. And just as a still photographer puts together a photo book, throwing out the snaps that are not in focus, or that show nothing interesting, the videographer will edit, weave together and show the liveliness and activity of the event. You are leaving those decisions to the artist, so you might as well act natural and let the professionals do their magic.

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