Party Planning through Pandemic

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It turns out that working from home is not to be as fun as we thought it would be. Hopefully you are able to hunker down and physically isolate alone or with your family, but what do you do for excitement during days (and weeks and – eek! — maybe months) of COVID-19? Don’t settle for reruns of Friends and tying bows into your dog’s freshly bathed fur.

Our suggestion: PLAN A PARTY.

Yes, the party will be in the future, but it really is a good time to get everything imagined, arranged and ordered, whether you are working on a wedding, a corporate event, or a “We Made it Through COVID-19” celebration.

In fact, you probably can secure any date you want at the banquet hall of your choice. They definitely have time to answer the phone and go over your questions. Likewise with providers of the other services you will need for the big day.


  1. The DJ. Sure you provide the list of songs that should be played at your event, but the DJ puts them together in a way that moves your guests and influences the party mood. The DJ may also act as the Master of Ceremonies, introducing you and audience members, as well as other performers. The DJ has the microphone – so he might as well be the one who announces the food and important moments of the event.
  2. The Photographer. You will retain memories from your party no matter what, but a photographer helps remind you of what you forgot and capture moments and scenes you didn’t notice the first time around. They will be just as important years from now, when the Coronavirus crisis is only office water cooler conversation. Set up a photo booth so your friends can take away their own memories, even as they are shared on the big screen in front of the room.

The Videographer.
Video brings another level of engagement and life to the afterparty. Years from now you will not only see but also hear the excitement and energy of your special event. With today’s technology, you won’t have to worry about losing the video in the basement along with the other tapes, DVDs and floppy disks.

You may not take advantage of all those options, but you can start planning now. When the days grow long and even tedious as you self-isolate and feel sad because you aren’t seeing your friends face-to-face, look forward to bright times, family gatherings — and the fantastic party that you can spend all spring planning.

Stuck for ideas? Go Event Group can help with that. And all the other elements of a terrific party. Schedule an online meeting here

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