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Our event professionals start with the planning, then execute your vision for your perfect event expectations. Wow your employees, clients and guests using our event professionals, expertise and tools.

Event Production

Every event begins with strategy and planning. At Go Event Group we can put you on the easy path for a successful and an over the top event. Whether its an annual fundraiser or 50th anniversary - Let us show you the way!

MC/Event Coordination

MCs to lead with energy and organization to inform audiences, lead crowds and pump up the volume!

Pro Audio Solutions

Audio, Video, and so much more from the planning, setup and execution our team has you covered. Consulting options available as well!

Corporate Photography

We provide the perfect photo professionals to capture and edit every moment at your event. High quality images will last a lifetime

Corporate Videography

Promo Videos, Marketing Material, Live streaming and more. Our Video team is here to show you off!

Lighting Decor Furniture Rentals
Party Enhancements

We have the perfect touch when it comes to capturing your brand and showing off the ambiance. Flexible collections can outfit any space for you and your guests convenience.

Photo Booths and Event Favors

Everybody wants a photo souvenir! When it comes to corporate or business functions the way to make a presence or get a brand across is through photo fun! Using our step and repeats or digital logo embossing everyone gets a souvenir and your point gets across!

Government - Non Profit - Fundraisers

Contact our team for the strategic approach for the perfect host of your next event. Working with Government, Non Profit organizations and your personal fundraising favorites are our specialty!

Full Service Event Production

Roll out the red carpet, its time to show you off!

Our staff has the right tools and plan to get your event off the ground and running.

Have a budget in mind? No problem we have an all inclusive start to finish packaging to fit your budget.

Events, Fundraisers and more!

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Team Building Events

  • Trade Shows / Expos

  • Executive Retreats

  • Business / Corporate Dinners

  • Corporate Golf Days


1. Conferences

Conferences are primarily networking events where industry professionals operating within the same sector or industry can meet one another in order to learn from one another, discuss future business opportunities and collaborations.

Conferences are, however, not just about small-talk and shared drinks.

2. Seminars

Seminars are similar in aim to conferences in that they also provide an opportunity for companies and individuals operating in the same industry or sector to get together in order to learn from one another or to share information and network.

Information exchange is typically more one-directional, and seminars are typically day or half-day events as opposed to weekend (or longer) affairs.

3. Team Building Events

Team building events are in-house events aimed at boosting morale, improving on employee communication skills, and encouraging employees to work together efficiently.

Team building events should be fun, and should boost employee confidence and build on the company’s strengths.

Team-building events are typically half-day to full day events or weekend getaways!

4. Trade Shows/Expos

Trade shows and expos are large-scale events that include multiple vendors or exhibitors whose area of operations fall under the umbrella industry being represented by/at the trade show.

Companies may choose to attend trade shows as exhibitors in an effort to reach potential customers, other members of the industry, or to source and connect with suppliers.

Staff and cocktail-style catering may also require coordinating.

5. Executive Retreats

Executive retreats and incentive programs usually go hand in hand in structures in which individual performance is rewarded by extending an invitation to an executive retreat.

Executive retreats are usually held in desirable locations and at luxury resorts, and while some time is usually devoted to developing the coming term’s organizational strategy, there is also ample time devoted to relaxation, exploration and excursions – this being the incentive bonus portion of the trip.

Executive retreats are some of the most expensive in-house corporate events on a cost per person basis, and incorporate all aspects of event management, and should be coordinated by a professional if you want all to go smoothly.

6. Business/Corporate Dinners

Business or Corporate dinners can be many things, and the aim will determine the location and duration of said dinner.

If the dinner is an in-house strategy session, for example, a catered dinner in the office boardroom might be most conducive to a working dinner.

7. Golf Events

Great for fundraising and product promotion!

Many a deal has been brokered on the putting green, or over a cocktail in the clubhouse/ ending banquet ceremony.

8. Product Launches

Product launch events can range from small in-house meetings to ensure all levels in the organizational hierarchy are kept up to date, to massive, glitzy parties geared toward building a hype surrounding an upcoming product.

Product launch events are most commonly held by businesses geared toward producing and selling products to consumers – these prospective consumers and the media being key invitees to the launch event.

9. Shareholder/Board Meetings

Shareholder and board meetings are an imperative part of any public or private company’s communications strategy and yearly plan.

These meetings serve as an opportunity for the board to reflect on the performance of the company based on their previous strategies to date, and allow them to make decisions about necessary adjustments to these strategies.

These are the meetings during which business executives tend to make the big decisions as they usually require board approval, which is easier to get when all board members are already in the same room.

Shareholder meetings similarly provide shareholders an opportunity to get feedback on the company’s recent performance, strategic goals and relevant future strategies.

These can be annual or biannual small, in-house meetings, or larger catered affairs depending on the nature (and budget) of the company, the number of board members or the number of shareholders in the company.

10. Year End Functions

Annual holiday parties or year-end functions are a company’s opportunity to show their employees how much another year of hard work and loyal service has meant to them.

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