Party Planning through Pandemic

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It turns out that working from home is not to be as fun as we thought it would be. Hopefully you are able to hunker down and physically isolate alone or with your family, but what do you do for excitement during days (and weeks and – eek! — maybe months) of COVID-19? Don’t settle […]

Hosting Your Next Virtual Party!

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For some parties – a wedding, for example – there is no substitute for being right there in the pews, or on the beach, or in the field as the couple says “I do.” A video conference can’t carry the same mix of romance and excitement. But these aren’t normal times, and many of us […]

The Perfect Light…

When you plan an event, it is likely that you don’t spend much time thinking about the light. It will be daylight or nighttime, indoor or outdoor (or a combination). You are instead concentrating on colors, food, number of people invited, and what you are going to wear. It’s when you get to the photography […]

Enhance Your Event with Video: Mind-Blowing Reasons

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How Video Can Enhance Any EventIf you are unsure whether to record your next event with a videographer, consider this undeniable fact: video captures attention. YouTube remains one of the fastest-growing and most-durable social media channels because all generations love videos. Photography and the right mix of words to capture an idea or emotion are […]